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[miera_accordion][miera_accordion_item title=”“Where are permits for filming required?””]You will need permits to film in Mission Hills, the City Market, and city/county parks. See contact info below.


City Market – (816) 842-1271,
Mission Hills – (913) 362-9620,


City of Kansas City Parks & Recreation

Film/Photo Shoot Request Online form 

Contact Heidi Markle for information or questions: 816.513.7527,


Johnson County, Kansas Parks & Recreation –

Contact Linda Johnson  for information on permitting or questions: 913.826.3438,


Olathe, Kansas Parks & Recreation

Contact Nicole Asquith, Marketing Manager, 913.971.8643


Jackson County, Parks & Recreation –

Contact Angie Jeffries, Marketing & Media Supervisor, for information on permitting or questions: 816-503-4800


Overland Park, Kansas

Contact Sean Reilly, Communication Manager/City PIO, for information or questions: 913-395-6109[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“Who do I contact if I want to film on the Plaza?””]You will need to inform Highwoods Properties.[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“Having a ‘Permit to Film’ is the same thing as location permission, right?””]No. You will need to make sure you have permission to film at each location from the owner or manager of the property.[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“So, what’s the weather like in Kansas City?””]Early spring brings a period of frequent and rapid fluctuations in weather, with the last frost generally occurring in early April. The summer season is characterized by warm days and mild nights. The fall season is normally mild with a period known as “Indian Summer,” characterized by mild, sunny days and cool nights. The first freeze usually occurs in late October. Winters are not severely cold. Snowfalls of ten inches or more at one time are comparatively rare.





average-precipitation[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“How do I know if I need a permit from KCMO for closures/traffic control?””]The KCMO Traffic Control Permits for Filming in KCMO are required when you work within a right-of-way (a sidewalk closure, street closure, partial or full lane closure) or any activities that impact public use of the streets and right-of- way. It is also used for production vehicle parking permits (unless you have secured parking on private property).

If you do need to close KCMO streets or for pedestrian or vehicle traffic interruption, permits start at $84.

KCMO Permit Application Instructions for On-line Permitting Process


For City of Kansas City, Kansas street closures and traffic permits visit Kansas City, KS Permit Application

Contact Cassandra Taylor 913.573.5400 for questions or information.[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“Who are some other resources for traffic control planning?””]We recommend visiting the following websites for more information:[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“When do I need to contact the KCPD?””]We recommend contacting KCPD Media Relations to make them aware of your presence filming unless you are solely filming on private property. If you have ANY prop weapons, you MUST contact KCPD.

Contact Darin Snapp – 816.234.5173

Kansas City Police Department,

Media Relations Unit, Contact M-F 816.234.5170


If you want to hire an off-duty KCMO police officer, visit:[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“I know that I want to film in a certain neighborhood. What’s next?””]

We encourage you to honor the beautiful and authentic neighborhoods and areas you film in in the Greater Kansas City area. You’ll need to use the neighborhood notification form AND notify the neighborhood association you are filming in. Please email a copy of the neighborhood notification to the film office.

Your flier/letter must have the following information:

– Production Identification (name or alias)

– Accurate dates and times of filming

– Blocks affected by the filming

– Description of filming (include specifics – noise, lights, special effects, etc.)

– Contact information for local production contact

– Contact information for KC Film Office

  • Prior to distribution send a copy of your flier/letter to Steph Scupham at the film office –


Note: Additional meetings, consideration and/or outreach may be required for high-impact activity.

[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“How should I proceed when scouting for locations?””]Residents and businesses are generally open to scouting when they understand that you are doing a job. We highly encourage scouts and location managers to notify area PD of their activity as a “heads up”. It may be effective to contact the film office and request a letter of endorsement for scouting. We require that location scouts work with safety in mind – notifying the authorities to their presence, notifying business associations/neighborhood associations (KCMO Homes Assc.) and staying in communication with KC Film Office.[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“Are local film permits required in the state of Missouri?””]Normally, no. Most cities, county and state-owned property, facilities and equipment may be borrowed or occasionally rented. Permits for filming in national parks, forests, recreational areas and monuments are generally required. Many public and privately owned locations do not require a location fee, but do require advance permission and proof of insurance. Advance communication with the Kansas City Film Office is recommended to prevent time consuming delays and unnecessary expenses.[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“Are local film permits required in the state of Kansas?“”]There are no state filming permits; however individual cities and/or counties may require permits for filming. Please contact the Kansas film commission for more information (785) 296-4927.[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“If I have an emergency, whom do I contact?””]For general emergencies:



KCMO Police – 816.234.5070

KCMO Fire Department – 816.784.9200

KCK Police – 913.596.3000

KCK Fire Department – 913.573.5550


For emergency roadside assistance:


*55 on your cell for Missouri Hwy Patrol

*47 on your cell for Kansas Hwy Patrol

*KTA (582) while on the Kansas Turnpike


For fire prevention:


Kansas City Fire Department,

Fire Prevention Unit Contact M-F 816.784.9100


For road or weather conditions:


Missouri Traveler Map MODot – 1.800.222.6400

In Kansas – call 511 or

National Weather Service – 816.540.6021,


KC Emergency Medical Services:

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Environmental Health (food service licensing/permits):[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“Who can I contact for transportation services?””]Airports:

Kansas City International Airport –

Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport –


Airport shuttles:



Yellow Cab Co. – 816.471.5000,

Checker Cab – 816.444.4444,

10/10 Taxi – 913.647.0010,



Kansas City Transportation Group – 816.471.1234

Leader Limo/Chauffer – 816.753.5323

Overland Chauffeured Services – 913.381.3504

Executive Limousines  – 816.801-8500[/miera_accordion_item][miera_accordion_item title=”“What are Kansas City’s labor laws?””]Child Labor Laws

Missouri Child Labor Law Information

Kansas Child Labor Law Information


Wage & Hour Laws

Missouri Wage and Hours Information

Kansas Wage and Hours Information


Insurance Regulations:

-Workers Compensation

-All businesses with 5 or more employees must provide worker’s compensation insurance.

Missouri Workers Comp Information

Kansas Workers Comp Information


Unemployment Insurance

Missouri Unemployment Tax Information

Kansas Unemployment Tax Information

Union Talent – SAG-AFTRA, Missouri Valley Local covers Kansas and Missouri

Contacts Maureen O’Brien, JD Miller


Union Labor:

Missouri is not a right-to-work state. Some unions are represented in Missouri and should be contacted if you are seeking production services involving the Inernational Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Pictures Technicians, Artist and Allied Crafts of the US and Canada.

IASTE Contact:


Gordon Hayman, Business Rep Local 493 Studio Mechanics

314.353.4931 or 314.623.8077,

Teamsters Contact:

Danny Cowdan, Teamsters Local 610

314.520.6540 [/miera_accordion_item][/miera_accordion]

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