“What are Kansas City’s labor laws?”


Child Labor Laws

Wage & Hour Laws

Insurance Regulations

Unemployment Insurance

Union Talent

  • SAG-AFTRA, Missouri Valley Localcovers Kansas and Missouri
  • Contacts Maureen O’Brien Maureen.obrien@sagaftra.org, JD Miller John.Miller@sagaftra.org

Union Labor

Missouri passed right-to-work legislation in 2017.

Some unions are represented in Missouri and should be contacted if you are seeking production services involving the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Pictures Technicians, Artist and Allied Crafts of the US and Canada.

IASTE Contact

  • Gordon Hayman, Business Rep. Local 493 Studio Mechanics
  • 314-621-4930, IATSE493@gmail.com

Teamsters Contact

  • Rich Piglowski, Teamsters Local 610
  • 314-209-0018 or 314-209-0042, rich@local610.org
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