“How should I proceed when scouting locations?”


Residents and businesses are generally open to scouting when they understand that you are doing a job. We highly encourage scouts and location managers to notify the municipality’s police department of your activity as a “heads up”. It may be effective to contact the film office and request a letter of endorsement for scouting. We require that location scouts work with safety in mind – notifying the authorities to their presence, notifying business associations/neighborhood associations (KCMO Homes Assc.) and staying in communication with KC Film Office. Locations require proof of insurance.

Tips for Filming in KC –  Quick Sheet


We encourage you to honor the beautiful and authentic neighborhoods and areas you film in in the Greater Kansas City area. Here is a downloadable example template for Neighborhood/Business Notification.

Your flier/letter must have the following information:

  • Production Identification (name or alias)
  • Accurate dates and times of filming
  • Blocks affected by the filming
  • Description of filming (include specifics – noise, lights, special effects, etc.)
  • Contact information for local production contact
  • Contact information for KC Film Office


Prior to distribution send a copy of your flier/letter to Steph at the film office – film @ visitkc.com.

Note: Additional meetings, consideration and/or outreach may be required for high-impact activity.

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