KCMO Launches Local Filming Incentive May 31, 2016

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When the KC Film Development Program unanimously passed in City Council only a handful of weeks ago, Kansas City became the first and only city in America to offer a local incentive in a state that does not offer its own state incentive. Since that day the KC Film and Media Office, along with the Kansas City Office of Culture and Creative Services have been working together to ensure that the entire incentive process, from initial application, to rewarding the rebate, is a smooth successful one. With the help of city lawyers and guidance from other film commissions across the country, we have made every effort to create a program and process that is easy for both the production and the city.

After a great deal of work and planning we are excited to announce that Monday, May 31st is the official launch of the KC Film Development Program. Eligible productions will be able to apply for the two tiered rebate program with the hope of receiving a cash rebate on all qualified and verified KCMO expenditures. Those productions that apply for the program will be reviewed by the Office of Culture and Creative Services to determine if they qualify for the program.

During the application process productions will present an estimated budget listing their expected spend in KCMO. This information helps to determine whether the production will qualify for the program, and if so, in which of the two tiers.  Tier One is a 3.5 % rebate on all qualified KCMO expenditures, while Tier Two is a 7% rebate designed for bigger projects. Productions will also indicate whether they will be seeking one or both of the two Marketing bonuses, each worth .25%. The marketing bonuses are any easy way for production to increase their rebate percentage, while at the same time encouraging community outreach and uplifting Kansas City.

Once an approved production wraps, their qualified KCMO expenditures will be reviewed and verified before finally being rewarded a rebate. For anyone new to the incentives process, step by step instructions and guidelines to navigating the program are included in the initial paperwork.

Programs like this help to sustain and grow professional workforce, and have an undeniable economic impact. We at the film office are excited to launch this one of a kind program with the City of Kansas City, Missouri and hope that as the program moves forward and grows, so will Kansas City.

You will find the KCMO Film Development Program information on our website FilminKC.com under “Incentives” beginning on May, 31st, 2016.

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