Behind-the-Scenes During Royals 2015 Post Season: Installment 2

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(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

We’ll never get sick of saying it – the Kansas City Royals are 2015 World Series Champs!  Think about every game you watched on TV, all the highlights, the announcers, the interviews, the cool and often funny promotions. This is the domain of the production industry and our KC Production Crew was a huge part of making it all look great!

We enjoyed working with all of them….the former players were inviting and dripping with contagious spunk.

The second installment of KC Crew behind-the-scenes this post-season features the people who kept the on-camera talent looking their best, Make-Up Artists:

Staci Broski
Michelle Taylor
Jolie Carrillo-Allen

AROD had breakfast at the Classic Cup and did Yoga somewhere in Westport in the mornings.

KCFMO: What was your role as a crew person during the Royals post-season?

MLB Oct 2015 Series talent trailer Staci 2

MLB Talent Trailer

SB: 7th Row Productions was contracted to be Makeup  Artists for  MLB Network’s on air talent.

MT: Makeup Artist – one of 3 artists with my peers Jolie Carrilo and Paige Pelfrey for the Fox Analysts for Pregame show and Postgame show.

JC: Lead makeup artist to Fox Sports game announcers including Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, Pete Rose, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and more.

KCFMO: What did your job entail?

MT-Pete Rose

Michele Taylor with Pete Rose

SB: Our job entailed taking care of 15 reporters/broadcasters all doing various shows from field reporting, High Heat, MLB Now, Intentional Talk, MLB Tonight & Post shows.

MT: My main focus was the Frank Thomas, Raul Ibanez, Pete Rose, Kevin Burkhardt, Alex Rodriguez team in the Fox Tent. Both Jolie and Paige took turns taking care of Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds in the announcing booth.

JC: Our role as artists is to make the announcers look good on camera and well groomed.

KCFMO: Who did you work for? 

MLB Oct. 2015 Series Staci 1

Staci Broski

SB: MLB Network- the talent were sports hosts and some former professional players: Brian Kenny, Greg Amsinger, Peter Gammons, Al Leiter, Kevin Millar, Chris Rose, Dan Plesac, Matt Vasgersian, Matt Yallof, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, John Smoltz & Sean Casey . We enjoyed working with all of them….the former players were inviting and dripping with contagious spunk.

MT: I worked for FOX.
JC: FOX Sports

KCFMO: Can you tell us what kind of experience non-KC people you worked with had here – crew, city, hospitality, BBQ, nightlife etc.?

MLB Oct 2015 Series candid Staci 3

Staci Broski

SB: I saw nothing but amazing & warm sentiments between everyone. It was relevant how much we all appreciate &  love our jobs.

Our non-KC folks seem to enjoy our local hospitality. Our catering tent was some of the best home cooking Garozzo’s, Corner Cafe & Gates could offer. I’m not sure about their after hour shenanigans.

MT : The whole crew from what I could gather had a great stay in KC.  Two of my favorite non-KC crew members were Victoria Trilling FOX Wardrobe Stylist of 18 years who was so chill and talented.   Then Leslie,  Alex Rodriguez’s assistant who happens to be from KC. We discovered in a round about way I was just at her folks house last month for her best friends baby shower who lives in LA now (she lives in LA and couldn’t make it back)  Such a small small world we live in.

Michelle Taylor with Alex Rodriguez

Michele Taylor with Alex Rodriguez

The boys stayed at Hotel Sorella and most of the crew at Crown Center. They enjoyed exploring the Plaza.  AROD had breakfast at the Classic Cup and did Yoga somewhere in Westport in the mornings.

JC: Worked with lots of crew from LA and NY and all over really. They loved the bbq and the people. Kansas City was a welcome place for everyone. Lots of out of towners became KC Royals Fans, cheering them on throughout. Most of them stayed downtown, the Plaza or Crown Center.

KCFMO: Can you estimate how many KC – crew were a part of working the post-season?

SB: The wonderful Sheri Kutz owner of Sports Staff had 72 locals for MLB & ESPN. Sheri  was also connected with Fox  who hired approx 30 locals.


Jolie Carrilo-Allen, Michele Taylor

MT: Post Season Crew around the tent….. camera guys, stage producers, assistants, etc.  Had to have been at least 20.

JC: The KC crew were very numerous and grew as they kept winning. Seemed like over 250 people at the world series were part of the production.

KCFMO: Do you have any anecdotes to share?

SB: I can tell you most of the NY crew were privately rooting for the Mets, but you would have never picked up on it. They were truly a pleasure to work with.
– Favorite experience was Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez were sitting in our chairs at the same time and listening to both of them talk about their batting averages, swings and commentating.  The serious sweet look on AROD’S face when Pete was giving him advice, which I was so enamored by I can’t even remember what they were talking about at the time.  It was a very surreal moment.

TEchDifficultiesAnother favorite experience was the pandemonium and head scratching when Fox was “Experiencing  Technical Difficulties”.  Guys couldn’t go back to the green room to watch the game so they hung out in the rainy cold FOX tent during the crazy 14 innings.

JC: I can tell you that the announcers, even though they were not KC fan favorites, in particular Joe Buck, really do respect the team and I feel like they wanted them to win!

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