Features and Television Filmed in Greater Kansas City Area

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Kansas City

Kansas City

Kansas City

TV Show on Netflix – Kansas City

  All Creatures Here Below  2019 Kansas City
  Bargain Mansions  2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 TV Series on HGTV – Kansas City
  Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back 2019 TV Show on FOX – Kansas City
  Military Makeover 2018, 2019 TV Show on Lifetime – Kansas City
  Crude Oil (Sundance) 2019 Kansas City, Lawrence
  The Jog (SWSW) 2019 Kansas City
  The Land  2019 Kansas City
  Wretch  2019 Kansas City
  Belong to Us  2019 Kansas City
  Terminal  2018 Limited Series on Amazon – Kansas City
  Pink Collar Crimes 2018 TV Show on CBS – Kansas City
  Chopped  2018 TV Show on Food Network – Kansas City
  Dirty Money 2018 Kansas City
  Big Sonia 2017 Kansas City
  Top Coat Cash 2017 Kansas City
  American Ninja Warrior  2015, 2017 TV Show on NBC – Kansas City
  The Tree  2017 Kansas City area
  Different Flowers  2017 Kansas City
  The Association aka The Profit  2017 Lawrence, KS
  Bargain Mansions  2017 DIY Channel TV Show – Kansas City
  School Spirits  2017 St. Joseph, MO
  The Dreams of Rene Sendam  2017 Lawrence, KS
  The American Artist: George Caleb Bingham 2016 Kansas City
  Red Bird 2016 Lawrence, KS
  Unlocking the Truth 2016 MTV Channel TV Show – Kansas City
  The House on Pine Street  2016 Leavenworth, Independence
  American Honey  2016 Kansas City MO/KS
  Trust Fund  2016 Kansas City area
  The Matchbreaker  2016 Kansas City
  What We’ve Become  2016 Lawrence, KS
  Arbor Demon  2016 Kansas City unit
  Desperate Cowboys  2016 Kansas City
  New Girls on the Block  2015 TV Series – Kansas City
  The Gnomist  2015 Acclaimed short – Overland Park
  Terminal  2015 Kansas City
  Rich Hill  2014 Rich Hill MO
  Surrender  2014 Springfield
  The Sublime and Beautiful  2014 Lawrence, KS
  Jayhawkers  2014 Lawrence, Topeka, Leavenworth KS
  Awful Nice  2013 Columbia, Branson, Kansas City
  Nailbiter  2013 Kansas City & Lawrence, KS
  Raising the Bar 2013 TV series – Kansas City
  Destination Planet Negro  2013 Lawrence, Kansas City
  Last Ounce of Courage  2012 St. Joseph, Kansas City
  Last Will  2011 Kansas City
  180 2011 Springfield
  The Soccer Nanny aka Au Pair, Kansas  2011 Lawrence, KS
  Pawn’s Move  2011 Kansas City, Weston
  Last Breath  2010 Kansas City
  Air: The Musical  2010 Lawrence, Kansas City
  Play On  2010 Kansas City, Scotland
  The Only Good Indian  2009 Lawrence, KS
  Earthwork  2009 Lawrence, KS
  Works in Progress  2009 Kansas City
  Saving Grace B. Jones  2008 Boonville
  Rigged  2008 Kansas City
  Matchmaker Mary  2008 Kansas City
  The Battle for Bunker Hill  2008 Lawrence, KS
  Suspension  2008 Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka
  Fling  2007 Kansas City
  Body of War  2007 Kansas City, St. Louis
  Sea Monsters  2007 Kansas
  Raising Jeffrey Dahmer  2006 Kansas City
  Jesus Camp  2006 Lee’s Summit, St. Robert
  All Roads Lead Home  2006 Kansas City
  Lenexa, 1 Mile: aka Full Count  2006 Kansas City, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, OP
  Ambrose Bierce: Civil war Stories  2005 TV movie – Kansas City
  Larva  2005 Springfield
  C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America  2004 Lawrence, KS
  Threat of Exposure  2002 Kansas City
  Silence  2002 Kansas City
  The Painting  2001 Kansas City
  Ride With the Devil  1999 Pattonsburg, Kansas City, Lexington
  Ninth Street  1999 Junction City/Lawrence, KS
  Cross of Fire  1998 TV Movie – Lawrence, Topeka
  Winding Roads  1998 TV movie – Springfield
  A Deadly Vision  1997 TV movie – Kansas City
  Mars Attacks  1996 Lawrence, KS
  Kansas City  1996 Kansas City
  Truman  1995 HBO Movie – Independence
  The Witching  1993 Kansas City
  Detour  1992 Kansas City
  Article 99  1992 Kansas City
  The Burden of Proof  1992 TV Movie –  Kansas City
  Child’s Play 3  1991 Boonville
  Sometimes They Come Back  1991 Kansas City
  Mr. and Mrs. Bridge  1990 Kansas City
  Bird  1988 Kansas City
  Midnight Movie Massacre  1988 Kansas City
  Kansas  1987 Kansas City & Lawrence, KS
  Nice Girls Don’t Explode  1987 Lawrence, KS
  The Day After  1983 Harrisonville, Kansas City, Lawrence
  Bucktown  1975 Kansas City downtown, Platte City
  Shoot it Black /Shoot in Blue  1974 Kansas City
  Supervan  1974 Kansas City, St. Joseph
  Paper Moon  1973 St. Joseph and Kansas locations
  Prime Cut  1972 Kansas City
  Honky  1971 Kansas City -The Plaza
  Adam at 6 a.m.  1970 Excelsior Springs
  In Cold Blood  1967 Kansas City
  Carnival of Souls  1962 Lawrence, KS area
  The Cool and the Crazy  1958 Kansas City
  The Delinquents  1957 Kansas City
  Rodeo Rhythm  1942 Kansas City
  Alice’s Wonderland  1923 Kansas City
  Tommy Tucker’s Tooth  1922 Kansas City

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